Dope Discovery: Orange Flower

Dope Discovery: Orange Flower

I first came across Angelica Garcia’s song Orange Flower listening to one my favorite Podcast’s of all time NPR’s All Songs Considered. If you don’t listen to this podcast and you like finding new music check out this Podcast. According to NPR Garcia is originally from California but moved to my great homestate Virginia when she was in her late teens and that is when her music career began. Which I find kind of funny because usually people move from Virginia to California to start careers in music.

Am I halfway to red?
And halfway to yellow?

I fell in love Garcia’s song Orange flower as soon as it I heard it. It is a blues rock song that I totally jam out to in my bedroom playing a little bit of air guitar. Garcia sings about what sounds to me an irritating boy who doesn’t know what he wants out of a relationship and keeps sending her mixed signals. “Am I halfway to red? Am I halfway to yellow?”is one of my favorite lines of the song. Check  out the awesome quirky music video down below. The song is great, funny and you will want to make Angelica your best friend.

Let me know what ya’ll think of the song.

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