Straight Chillin Music

Straight Chillin Music

I have met people who feel as though Hip Hop and R&B is strictly for the turn up. Obviously those of us who are true fans know that this is false. Hip Hop and R&B can be quite relaxing music, HeyFranHey is a social media influencer and podcast host who created this beautiful relaxing Hip Hop and R&B music playlist called The Cool Breeze.

This playlist is for chillin’ maybe for a nice bath with candles or for sitting by the window drinking tea. HeyFranHey even takes you through a breathing exercise mid-playlist. This music is great for the soul so sit back relax and let the music take over.

My top three favorite songs from the playlist are:

Earth Girls by Jesse Boykins lll

Cherish the Day by Sade a classic.

Keep you in mind by Gourdan Banks

Check out The Cool Breeze

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