4 AM But Great Any Time

4 AM But Great Any Time

I am so happy that I have a twitter account because the twittersphere is where I came across the band Fighter Jets. Their single 4am is catchy, though its genre is hard to pin point. I looked at the Fighter Jets Facebook page and their genre is electro grunge/surf music this totally fits the sound of the song. That is what I like about the record┬áthe marrying of genres at first I didn’t know what I was listening to is it electronica? is it rock? Either way I definitely like the song.

We’re up all night to change the world

The song’s intro makes me daydream about being at a concert in outer space. The lyrics start out with “We’re up all night to change the world” which perfectly explains the 4 am title to me. Who isn’t up in the wee hours of the morning contemplating life and the world? The production of the song is great and I love the guitar at the bridge. This song is for anyone who needs to upgrade their playlists from basic rock and grunge to cool new levels. I can’t wait to hear more from this band.

Check out the song below tell me what you think.

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