I hate practice but this App helps: Yousician Review

I hate practice but this App helps: Yousician Review

A little Background

Yousician is an app that teaches Guitar,Ukulele, Bass and Piano. I used Yousician to learn guitar. I had taken guitar class for a few years in high school but I never took it seriously so I did not learn much. But now I want to commit to learning, I even put playing guitar for 30 days on my bucket list. The App has several levels and you need to complete exercises in each level in order to progress. Yousician teaches you tablature to teach you to play the guitar. It provides feedback on whether or not you’re playing notes correctly using your computer’s microphone. It only provides feedback for a certain amount of time for the free version but if you upgrade to premium the app will provide unlimited feedback. In addition to lesson exercises the app also has weekly challenges to compete with others for a high score. I have not done a challenge but they seem like fun.

Yousician Review

So far I think the Yousician App is amazing for the few weeks I’ve been using it .I am person who hates to practice it can be boring and I get easily frustrated.  I just want to be good right away I love the results of hard work just hate the process. That’s why I love Yousician it made practice like a fun game. I was actually consistent using Yousician for a couple weeks I thought I might actually complete my challenge. But I fell off the wagon and have yet to get back on it(I will though). When I first started using Yousician I enjoyed it so much I even wanted to practice longer than the 20 minutes of feedback the free version gives you. I couldn’t believe it, it is so not like me to want to practice longer. I even upgraded to the premium version using the 7 day free trial. It is definitely worth money if you are the type of person that can stick to something if not the free version should suffice. The only complaint is when playing the chord song exercises I wish there was a way it told you which string is mute . I kept  playing a chord wrong and I didn’t know how to fix it. All in all a great app for learning to play guitar and for people who don’t like practice because it can be boring. This app will certainly not leave you bored.

Have you tried Yousician what are your thoughts? What other apps should I use to learn guitar?  Should I be watching to youtube videos or going to certain sites?  Let me know.

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