5 Artist Managers: What they look for in an Artist

5 Artist Managers: What they look for in an Artist

I have always wondered what it took to become a successful artist. In college I took some music industry courses and I learned that a big part of being an artist is the manager. Every artist needs a manager willing to go to bat for them. In order to do that you need to attract a manager. I reached out to some artist managers and asked them “What is it about an artist’s music or musical ability that makes you want to represent them as manager?

What is it about an artist’s music or musical ability that makes you want to represent them as manager?”



Jake Posner
Manager of A R I Z O N A

More so than finding artists to represent in a business capacity, I’ve always been a music fan first, so this process is exactly the same as discovering a new favorite artist – just follow feeling. For example, when you hear a new song or demo for the first time, if the magic is there, you can feel it – it’s one (or many) of the various feelings you get when you listen to your favorite song – and if you don’t sense it, you keep searching until you find it…Once you do, the next challenge is to distinguish whether that magic exists outside of that one song or demo – it’s that same criteria that answers the question of “but do I actually like that artist?”. The indicators I look for are versatility, depth of sound and unique yet distinct elements that really give an artist their own unique sound…if all those (or traces) truly exist, you’re onto something.  

In my case, A R I Z O N A’s magic swept me off my feet almost instantly as a fan – the most special part about finding A R I Z O N A was the fact that I wasn’t even a manager looking for talent in the first place…at the time, I wasn’t even an manager at all – I was just an advertising wig with a music industry background who had never truly given much thought to the artist management track…but the magic I discovered on Reddit that night was undeniable – and that same gut feeling told me I was not the only person who would appreciate the music. Nearly two years later, and now on the eve of a debut album with our incredible partners at Atlantic Records & Artist Publishing Group, I couldn’t be happier that I followed that feeling.

Geir Luedy
Manager of Aurora

Interesting music makes me wanna wake up early and do my job. I find the vocal instrument the closest to the soul so I tend to sign artists that I think has something in the voice that I haven’t heard before. And of course, let’s not forget the good song. Always looking for that perfect song.

Gravity Studio Consulting & Strategies
Management for Fighter Jets

“We look for true, raw, down-to-earth talent that has vision for the future and doesn’t need to boast about it at every second.” -Gravity Studio Consulting & Strategies, management for Fighter Jets.

Kevin Foo – www.foundationmusic.sg
Manager of Linying

Being based in a small but extremely cosmopolitan Asian country (Singapore), where it is a hodgepodge of cultures and influences from around the world (we are a society made up of 4 main different asian ethnicities but we all speak English as our first language!), artists that we choose to manage need to firstly have a distinct voice and clear identity.

Good music elicits an emotional response, and artists I would work with must be able to comfortably deliver the music they are making to gather that emotional responses from their audience (no matter how big or small their consumer base is, and regardless of whether it is in their recorded material or their live performances)

Lastly, I know this might be pretty obvious but music taste is relative, and as a music manager, I need to be totally convinced about the product (the artist and the music)… so i have to be able to put the music on a playlist, on repeat 24/7 and not wanna pull my hair out… ie. I must love the music inside out!


This quote from Jamie Oborne sums up this post perfectly.


Jamie Oborne
Manager of the 1975

Some artists want to create and some have to. I find myself naturally drawn towards the later.


Thank you to all the managers who agreed to participate in this blog post I appreciate it so much.

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