Flowkey: Fast Track Way to Learning Piano

Flowkey: Fast Track Way to Learning Piano

I have been trying to learn the piano for years now. In fact I even have playing piano for 30 days straight on my musical bucket list. I started taking piano lessons in high school and even though I enjoyed them. I never really dedicated time to practice. Practicing can be tedious sometimes and the songs I practiced although some were  beautiful, they were just not the contemporary songs I enjoyed. Neither were they songs you hear on the radio. Fast forward to present day I am a college graduate who can’t really afford piano lessons. So I have turned to the beautiful world of the internet to help me learn piano. Through my online search for piano instruction I stumbled upon Flowkey which is in a word AMAZING!

What is Flowkey?

Flowkey is a great online app that teaches you how to play songs on the piano and it does so rather quickly. Flowkey is for everyone no matter the skill level. It uses your computer’s microphone to listen to you play the piano and provides feedback. The website has many features, for instance it allows you to focus and loop through any section of a song you like. Flowkey also has a slow motion mode and a fast mode as well as it allows you to play either right or left hand. The website has a robust song selection and has courses if you want to dive a little deeper in your piano learning. If you want to access all of the songs and the courses Flowkey has to offer, you have to purchase the premium version of Flowkey.

Flowkey makes learning to play piano less tedious

What do I think?

Well I have already said I think the app is amazing but that is because I truly think it is. Flowkey is easy use and it has great interface design. I enjoy that fact that it really emphasizes on teaching you songs. I am a returning player so I know how to read notes and some music theory. However Flowkey does have courses on reading sheet music and introduction to piano. I have not checked out those courses but if the main app is any indication the courses should be great. What I like about Flowkey the most, is that it makes learning to play piano feel like I am taking a sneaky little fast track to success. It makes practicing a lot less tedious and boring.  This app will definitely help me in my 30 day challenge of playing piano. I have only been using the free version so far but the premium version is not that expensive. Flowkey’s most popular plan is 12.99 a month for three months. This is a lot cheaper than traditional piano lessons. My mother who paid for my piano lessons in high school can attest to that. Although I do enjoy Flowkey I am not ready to make the investment just yet. I do have a little bit of a problem sticking to things. But I am having good time using the app this so I am sure I will take the leap and pay for it soon.

Flowkey 10/10 would recommend to a friend 🙂

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