Up-and-Comer Aeriel’s Debut Single Be Down

Up-and-Comer Aeriel’s Debut Single Be Down

Aeriel is an an upcoming R&B singer songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her debut single Be Down is a good sign that she will be doing big things. Her sweet smooth vocals over music that sounds like it could be from the 90’s but has a nice twist in the chorus.

“Low expectations help with disappointment”

The debut single is about Aeriel missing a lover from her past although he is not good for her. Something that we can all relate to. The lyrics start out with “low expectations help with disappointment”. I’m sure what we all tell ourselves when dealing with something we are not suppose to. The song is a bop for sure  from the lyrics to the beat it is good. It will have your shoulders moving constantly moving from left to right or maybe that’s just me.  The music video for Be Down is beautifully done with Aeriel rocking cornrows and showing off some of her dance moves. I loved the song from the first time I heard it. Be Down is on her new EP Sad Girls Club coming soon this year. I’m excited to check out her EP when it comes out.

Check out Aeriel song Be Down you will not regret it !

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