Take a Trip to Space with AMEA

Take a Trip to Space with AMEA

Take a trip to outer space in two minutes and fifty-two seconds? I think you can with AMEA’s music video for Space(ships).

AMEA is a Texan R&B singer with Native and African roots. Her music video for Space(ships) is a beautiful representation of both cultures. Upon first listen I was like “oooh I like this”. The intro starts out cool and sultry but then the music begins to pick up and that’s when I start to do a little dance. There was definitely some strong head bobbing(what I like to call it) at my desk at work. Whatever, my coworkers should be used to me dancing at my desk by now.  I really love this track ya’ll it is the perfect blend of R&B and Afrofuturism.

“I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly”

The visuals in this music video are impeccable. I love the colors and I especially love that it feels like I am going on a journey in this video. The elements and shapes are constantly transitioning and morphing into different objects and people, I like that effect.

All in all 10 out of 10, two thumbs up, I mean how other ways can I tell you that I love this record and the video. Go check it out!

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