6 Ways I Plan to Get Involved in Local Music

6 Ways I Plan to Get Involved in Local Music

A Little Background

Imagine this year, you are finally in your dream city. The city you have wanted to live in since you were a little girl. The day the lease starts, feels like the day you are reborn. You are free of your parents and free from hiding from people that you used to know. You can finally reinvent yourself. You thought college was your new start but classes and a part time job got in the way. So when you graduated you saved for a year and finally moved to the city Frank Sinatra sings about. Thinking I can finally become the new me.

But a year in to the new city you finally realize, everywhere you go there you are.

The First Step is Acceptance

Turns out self reinvention takes a little bit of effort. Who knew? I have always wanted to be a musician. I can’t believe that I’m admitting that. I know may never be a super star but I would like to begin my journey of becoming a local musician. I want to become the person I have always wanted to be. To become an artist, I should probably rub shoulders with the local musicians. I want to get to know the subway buskers, coffee shop artists and broadway stars(a girl can dream).

How I’m Getting Involved in Local Music

  1. Go to open mic nights once a week and speak to the artists
  2. When I see someone busking donate and connect with them
  3. Find and follow local artists on social media
  4. Join a local choir(it doesn’t have to be religious)
  5. Connect with local industry professionals on Linkedin
  6. Follow and connect with other local music bloggers

I will keep you all updated on my adventures in the New York City music scene. If you are an artist or music industry professional who wants to connect. Feel free to email me at soundsdiscovered@gmail.com.

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