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Latin Music Time Machine

Latin Music Time Machine

Podcasts are a great way to find out about new music. The podcasts do not even need to focus on music. Another Round is one of those podcasts  the hosts of the podcast discuss topics such as pop culture, gender and race. A while back Another Round talked about Latin Culture and  had on a guest Antonia Cerejidio to talk about Latin Music. Antonia Cerejidio created this incredible playlist that takes you through Latin music through the decades from Selena to Don Omar. The playlist  Round’s Musical Timeline of Latin Migrations and Explosions

I was familiar with some of the music on the playlist. Many of us know who Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin are but I didn’t know who Romeo Santos or who J Balvin  were along with some of the other artists  on this playlist. Some of the songs are completely in Spanish and even though I do not speak Spanish I still enjoy many of those songs because you can feel the music. From top to bottom a great playlist it will make you want to dance and cry.You will learn about latin music artists from the past and present. Even if you don’t listen to Latin music or don’t speak Spanish some of these musicians will become your favorite artists you don’t understand.

Check out the playlist below:

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