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DC Artist Ari Lennox: Pho Review

DC Artist Ari Lennox: Pho Review

I’m always excited for DMV artists on the come up being from Northern Virginia myself. I am very proud if a DC artists is on the rise even if I am not from DC proper I still feel connected to them. Ari Lennox is one of those artists I’m excited for. She has a new EP out and has even provided vocals for J. Cole’s new album 4 your eyez only . Her newest EP Pho is everything I want in an R&B project it has sexy songs and a few songs I can bop my head to.

Pho Review

Pho is an incredible project and I enjoy all of the songs on it. But I do have a top three Backseat, Cold Outside and my ultimate favorite La La La La. What I love most about Lennox music is her distinct voice and it really shines through in La La La La. Her voice is so sultry and sweet throughout the song. It really is a song where you should sit back and take in the song, and let it wash over you.

Pho overall will have you listening on repeat. I listened from beginning to end thoroughly liking each track. If you enjoy sensual sexy R&B you will delight in listening to Pho. Stop what you are doing right now and go and listen to Pho by Ari Lennox. You will thank me later.

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Straight Chillin Music

Straight Chillin Music

I have met people who feel as though Hip Hop and R&B is strictly for the turn up. Obviously those of us who are true fans know that this is false. Hip Hop and R&B can be quite relaxing music, HeyFranHey is a social media influencer and podcast host who created this beautiful relaxing Hip Hop and R&B music playlist called The Cool Breeze.

This playlist is for chillin’ maybe for a nice bath with candles or for sitting by the window drinking tea. HeyFranHey even takes you through a breathing exercise mid-playlist. This music is great for the soul so sit back relax and let the music take over.

My top three favorite songs from the playlist are:

Earth Girls by Jesse Boykins lll

Cherish the Day by Sade a classic.

Keep you in mind by Gourdan Banks

Check out The Cool Breeze

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